Thanksgiving Kit

Various Flower Shapes for 3D assembly

Various Flower Shapes and leaves to create these beautiful 3D Flowers.

Watch the video tutorial here

Faux Metal 3D Paper Flowers



flower group

Steampunk Clock with Gears

Lately I’ve been loving the whole steampunk theme so I am slowly creating a steampunk kit.  Below is one file with two style clocks.  If you are impatient or have an older cutter, you might prefer to cut the clock without the seconds.    I’m extremely impatient and willing to lose a few seconds to speed up cutting time.




Ruler Stencil

I was working on a project and I needed a ruler stencil but I didn’t have one.  I didn’t feel like driving to the store so I created one.

It works GREAT with my texture paste!!

ruler texture


Gears Stencil

I was able to reuse this stencil over and over.  I put several coats of decoupage making sure to clear any clogged openings before the decoupage dried.   I used it with homemade texture paste and immediately ran it under warm water.  The stencil was preserved beautifully!!



Visit Crafts U Print for tons of digital resources


CraftsUPrint has a HUGE database of digital files for your digital crafting needs.


3 young fellas


48 Hour Freebie

File can be purchased at


Quickly identifying and tracking your blending markers.

Keeping track of and easily identifying your blending markers.


I have a large collection of Letraset Promarkers and Spectrum Noir markers.   The color printed on the label and the identifying color dot is very different to the color you actually get once you apply the color to paper.

The fact that these markers are sold in sets and individually makes it hard to keep track of which markers one has purchased.

In order to keep track of the markers I have, I use the color chart.   The chart contains the name of each marker in which you will color in the area to display the final color result.    Every colored square is obviously a marker you already have.   Any uncolored square is a marker you have not purchased.


Having to look through a messy colorful chart makes it difficult to quickly find the markers you want, not to mention, the sample area is much too small.  Here is how I took care of that problem.


Cut small strips of paper and color them using one coat on one end and adding coats as you go down the strip so that you get a gradient color.  This will show you the different shades that one marker can produce.



Unfortunately, the spectrum markers are not as good as the letraset markers when it comes to gradient shading but for the price, the markers are decent.


Once your strip has dried, take clear tape and wrap the colored strip to one of the marker ends.

My markers have dual tips and the markings on the pen are small and difficult to see.  I decided to tape the strips on the FINE side of the pen so that I can easily identify the end I intend to use.



That’s it.   You can now easily see the actual color you will get when you use the marker.  Keep in mind that if you use colored cardstock,  the end result will be different than the one on your colored strip.    I like to print my dolls in a beige or skin color cardstock so I have a strip of paper with the marker sample on colored stock as well.


This is what your markers should look like in the end.







4th of July Freebie



Potty Girl

48 Hour Freebie is now OVER – don’t miss out on future 48 Hour freebies, “like” my facebook to receive new file notifications.

Potty Cover


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